To properly tell the story of Duece Moto you must have level 5 clearance...which I don't but who cares. Im going to tell it anyways. The skinny of it is, Hoodoo started off as an undercover C.I.A agent infiltrating the inner rings of the underground club scene gathering intel on suppliers of illegal narcotics. His only in was through invitation. The only invitations were given to friends of the inner circle and winners of weekly rap battles where spectators could gamble on the outcomes tournament style, and the battles were used as a front. Agent Hoodoo Manystrikes used this platform as an in using the alias Duece Moto. He quickly became the house favourite as well as a 5 time K.I.R. champion, and has been nominated for multiple awards as recent as the 2015 independent music awards in hollywood. He has since gone rouge and is no longer considered an agent but a fugitive. Duece Moto is considered dangerous and highly skilled.  The following recordings have been collected as evidence by multiple government agencies of his manifesto.